Friday, April 20, 2007

Warren Beath talks about Sanford Roth and the Death Photos

Did Sanford Roth take pictures of Dean's body?

Definitely. Here are two of them.

He is under a blanket in those pictures and the ambulance men are taking him to put him in the ambulance.

And here's a third, you can just see his feet under the blanket in the back of the ambulance.

I haven't seen that picture. So he did take pictures of Dean dead. But did he take pictures of
Dean in the car?

Sanford Roth said he did, if he was quoted correctly in a LIFE MAGAZINE article on Dean the year after the accident. He said no one would ever see them, that they were grisly and ghoulish, something like that. Bill Hickman, who was there, said Sanford Roth took pictures of Dean in the car. Roth never denied it, to my knowledge, while he was alive.

But his widow denied it.

She was madder than a wet hen after my book came out. She demanded an apology, and I told her I was sorry if I had hurt her feelings. She said you couldn't trust what Bill Hickman said. Then, she said Sandy only took the pictures for "insurance purposes." Now, I found that as callous as taking pictures of him in the car. At a time like that, would you be thinking of insurance companies?

Why else do you think such photos exist?

Maybe they have been destroyed. But I believe they existed at one time. Another Dean biographer, very reputable, told me about visiting Beulah and her brother* the screenwriter* brought up the subject of Dean in the car and told her to show him the pictures, indicated a drawer.

And he saw them?

She refused to take them out. In the last twenty years of her life there was quite a cottage industry around her and the cachet of being "Dean's friend". And to traffic in the pictures or even concede their existence would have diminished the golden corona with which she was awash among Dean fans.

What else?

Beulah pointed out, and it is to his credit, I suppose, in this controversy, that no photos of the crash were published while Sandy was alive. She said they were not published until years after Sandy passed away, but in fact they began appearing almost as soon as he was dead. His story "Assignment I'll Never Forget" was published a few months after he died, and with it was the classic Roth photo of the wreck with Rolf on the ground.

When did they next appear?

I believe more of the photos next surfaced in Rene Chateau's French biography of Dean in the seventies. Rene was a close friend to Beulah.

The book "A Passion for Speed" purported to show the unbroken strip of negative to refute the idea that Roth took any pictures of the wreck other than those already published.

If it hasn't been tampered with, that would be good evidence. And if Roth had only one camera. On the other hand, there is Roth's own statement that the pictures existed, and Bill Hickman's recollection. And so it goes...